bernie phdc


The Patrick Henry Democratic Club of America has endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.  Members of the national club will work to assist Sanders in winning the Democratic nomination and the Presidency.

The PHDC began rating human rights voting records  for all members of Congress in 2004 and found that while Sanders has one of the best voting records in Congress, his opponent Hillary Clinton had a very poor voting record in terms on human rights issues.  Sanders has an excellent understanding of economics, human rights and foreign affairs while his opponent has a history of voting with Wall Street, war profiteers, insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry and the military and prison industrial complexes.

The falsification of the voting rolls in New York and Arizona are matters of grave concern for Patrick Henry Democrats who fought against Bush’s illegitimate non-elections in 2000 and 2004.  Sanders, in filing a lawsuit on behalf of 17 year olds in Ohio, has also won the support of the Patrick Henry Youth, important members of the club.

The following are issues on which the Patrick Henry Democrats agree with Senator Sanders.

1) Abolishing the death penalty,

2) Labeling genetically modified foods and eliminating dangerous pesticides from the food chain),

3) Defeating the TPP and repealing NAFTA and other dangerous and unfair trade agreements,

4) Ending mass incarceration and eliminating the prison industrial complex,

5) Ending the militarizing of the police,

6) Requiring a federal investigation into all killings by police,

7) Ending the Imperialistic wars and bringing the troops home,

8) Switching to universal, single-payer, not-for-profit health care,

9) Repealing the PATRIOT Act and the National Defense Authorization Act,

10) Eliminating Wall Street’s tax loopholes.

11) Free public college for all and elimination of past college debts for graduates

12) Normalizing relations with Iran

13) Respect for Palestinians

14) Protecting voting rights

15) Eliminating corporate and PAC funding for campaigns

16) Overturning Citizens United

17) Protecting the environment

18) Protecting National Parks

19) Ending age discrimination

20) Protecting Social Security and Medicare.

21)Protection of immigrants (documented and undocumented)

22) Ending child sex trafficking (including judicial child sex trafficking)

Senator Sanders was not simply granted the endorsement.  He earned it with his hard work for the American people.

While the Patrick Henry Democratic Club does not collect funds for candidates, the members are active in working to elect endorsed candidates.

In 2015, the club’s founding chairwoman Ruth Hull encouraged Bernie Sanders to run for President.  Hull and other members of the club have been actively volunteering on his campaign since his candidacy was declared.